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From McDonald's to top IT projects

"When I worked at McDonald's for years after my studies, the opportunity to gain experience and practice at DevOps was a lifelong chance for me. Michal did not expect experience from me, but a desire to learn. He introduced me to the program, tasks and projects I had to work on. just a great mentor, but what enriched me the most was the individual approach and the sharing of his experience, the benefits you won't get in any course, in terms of technology, it was Kubernetes, Terraform and cloud solutions in general. We didn't go in that direction at school, but I knew there was a lot of interest in DevOps at the moment. By mentoring Michal, I gained an edge over other experts in the market, a beautiful financial reward and a career after the program. It is a path of self-study combined with the support of a mentor, where you apply everything in real time working on a real project. The moment I joined this program helped me start my career. It was a unique opportunity. "



student of applied informatics

Currently, our DevOps mentor program learns technologies such as Docker, K8s, Terraform and deploys infrastructure for the most popular cloud providers such as AWS, Azure and Google cloud. He is surrounded by professionals, our mentors, Michal and Andrej, who will always advise him on how best to proceed. Balázs is really happy to be part of the DevOps mentorship program.


student of robotics and cybernetics

She is a student of robotics and cybernetics. He specializes in programming and designing robots, robotic manipulators and industrial control systems, as well as artificial intelligence - in other words, we hope that he is building Jarvis and not Skynet. DevOps will definitely come in handy in that.

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